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The strengthened 90º angle ribs of this model give it unique resistance, stability, flexibility and duration unique, thus making it a market leader in its segment. In addition, the addition of the CLICK system makes it a benchmark in terms of innovation in the market.

Perfect adaptation to any type of terrain since its resistance facilitates a simple and quick installation.

The exclusive CLICK system allows you to save up to 30% of labour thanks to an easy exit and entry for the wire and won’t be damaged by mechanical grape harvesters.

Ribs designed to provide maximum strength and flexibility.

Die-cutting specially designed to adapt to any type of wire or deltex thread.

This model can be manufactured in different heights, thicknesses and galvanised.

We have the widest range of possibilities in die-cutting models (see section on die-cutting) which can be positioned in parallel, alternating or intercalate both options distancing each die-cut by 10 cm.



1,2 mm – 1,5 mm – 1,8 mm



From 0,75 mtr to 3,70 mtr


Package 150 pcs.

Stamped available for this model


Ctra. de la Roda, s/n
02639 Barrax - Albacete (ESPAÑA)

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